About samtvcli

samtvcli is a network CLI remote for Samsung TVs from 2014-2015 (I think those are models H & J).

You can use it to send keys with the command line or use its basic text user interface in a console.

I have tested it with a Samsung UE48JU6000 TV.

% samtvcli tui

The text user interface keybindings can be customized with a YAML configuration file.

You can use the command line and send several keys at once:
% samtvcli key send KEY_MENU _ KEY_RETURN KEY_VOLUP


The autogenerated manual pages are online there.
You can also use the built-in help command and check the README.



You can download pre-built binaries here, for several platforms/OSes.

Source code

samtvcli is open source (FLOSS) and written in Go (Golang). The source code is available on GitHub.

Mikael Berthe