madonctl timeline

Fetch a timeline


The timeline command fetches a timeline (home, local or federated). It can also get a hashtag-based timeline if the keyword or prefixed with ':' or '#', or a list-based timeline (use !ID with the list ID).

madonctl timeline [home|public|:HASHTAG|!list_id] [--local] [flags]


  madonctl timeline
  madonctl timeline public --local
  madonctl timeline '!42'
  madonctl timeline :mastodon


  -h, --help           help for timeline
  -k, --keep uint      Limit number of results
  -l, --limit uint     Limit number of API results
      --local          Posts from the local instance
      --max-id int     Request IDs less (or equal) than a value
      --only-media     Only statuses with media attachments
      --since-id int   Request IDs greater than a value

Options inherited from parent commands

      --color string           Color mode (auto|on|off; for output=template)
      --config string          config file (default is $HOME/.config/madonctl/madonctl.yaml)
  -i, --instance string        Mastodon instance
  -L, --login string           Instance user login
  -o, --output string          Output format (plain|json|yaml|template|theme)
  -P, --password string        Instance user password
      --template string        Go template (for output=template)
      --template-file string   Go template file (for output=template)
      --theme string           Theme name (for output=theme)
  -t, --token string           User token
  -v, --verbose                Verbose mode


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