madonctl status post

Post a message (same as 'madonctl toot')


Post a message (same as 'madonctl toot')

madonctl status post [flags]


  madonctl status post --spoiler Warning "Hello, World"
  madonctl status toot --sensitive --file image.jpg Image
  madonctl status post --media-ids ID1,ID2,ID3 Image
  madonctl status toot --text-file message.txt
  madonctl status post --in-reply-to STATUSID "@user response"
  madonctl status post --in-reply-to STATUSID --add-mentions "response"
  echo "Hello from #madonctl" | madonctl status toot --stdin

The default visibility can be set in the configuration file with the option
'default_visibility' (or with an environmnent variable).


      --add-mentions        Add mentions when replying
  -f, --file string         Media file name
  -h, --help                help for post
  -r, --in-reply-to int     Status ID to reply to
      --media-ids string    Comma-separated list of media IDs
      --same-visibility     Use same visibility as original message (for replies)
      --sensitive           Mark post as sensitive (NSFW)
      --spoiler string      Spoiler warning (CW)
      --stdin               Read message content from standard input
      --text-file string    Text file name (message content)
      --visibility string   Visibility (direct|private|unlisted|public)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --all                    Fetch all results (for reblogged-by/favourited-by)
      --color string           Color mode (auto|on|off; for output=template)
      --config string          config file (default is $HOME/.config/madonctl/madonctl.yaml)
  -i, --instance string        Mastodon instance
  -k, --keep uint              Limit number of results
  -l, --limit uint             Limit number of API results
  -L, --login string           Instance user login
  -o, --output string          Output format (plain|json|yaml|template|theme)
  -P, --password string        Instance user password
  -s, --status-id int          Status ID number
      --template string        Go template (for output=template)
      --template-file string   Go template file (for output=template)
      --theme string           Theme name (for output=theme)
  -t, --token string           User token
  -v, --verbose                Verbose mode


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