madonctl media

Upload or update a media attachment


Upload or update a media attachment

This command can be used to upload media that will be attached to a status later.

A media description or focal point (focus) can be updated as long as it is not yet attached to a status, with the '--update MEDIA_ID' option.

madonctl media --file FILENAME [flags]


  madonctl upload --file FILENAME
  madonctl media --file FILENAME --description "My screenshot"
  madonctl media --update 3217821 --focus "0.5,-0.7"
  madonctl media --update 2468123 --description "Winter Snow"


      --description string   Plain text description
      --file string          Path of the media file
      --focus string         Focal point
  -h, --help                 help for media
      --update int           Media to update (ID)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --color string           Color mode (auto|on|off; for output=template)
      --config string          config file (default is $HOME/.config/madonctl/madonctl.yaml)
  -i, --instance string        Mastodon instance
  -L, --login string           Instance user login
  -o, --output string          Output format (plain|json|yaml|template|theme)
  -P, --password string        Instance user password
      --template string        Go template (for output=template)
      --template-file string   Go template file (for output=template)
      --theme string           Theme name (for output=theme)
  -t, --token string           User token
  -v, --verbose                Verbose mode


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